24 Jul 2018

Get up, show up!

Found this yesterday, and I could not agree more. Even if it is not always to follow.

No matter how you feel...
Get up
Dress up
Show up
And never give up

How about you, my dear readers? 
I get up early in the morning, that part is easy for me. Dress up, not so much: for whom? I did dress up today, just as asked. Even if no one could come to my door or see me all the day. No meetings even through the web today for me. Dressed up, I feel better, so it could be also only for myself.

Show up, that is important for me and it was for long time. From age of 70 to 80, I wrote a daily morning blog in French (there is life after 70) and about 200 persons read what I had written, some with their morning coffees. I did show up ten years, till I got 80. My courage and my French went down. Should I change the title? In fact, at 85 is still "after 70".

Show up, from May last year, I do show up to write a post every day, even if not early in the morning. Why? My readers in my previous blog where mostly from France if not all, the "morning" was for all of us the same time. In this blog, read from so many continents, "morning" in one place is noon, evening on some other. Winter in Australia is Summer in London. Our hottest days here, while in other places readers shiver of cold, or are inundated by torrential rain. 

I show up also to the Toastmasters Pathways Forum Discussion daily, where I Moderate. I suppose all of you are members of that Facebook group: already 6000 of us is in it. 

Yesterday, again at the Hospital Control, only in January I have to return. Here some pictures together to give a taste of my experience. 
As I waited, I took two images without asking, one at reception desk, with this young freckled woman and tattoos on her arm, and the receptionist with dark blue hair, the other with also the old man waiting. Then I asked, and I was allowed to take the roses on the arm. She asked me "and you, want a tattoo like this"? When I answered, "I have already enough skin problems" all around laughed. We were at the skin part of the hospital. 

The last picture, taken 30 minutes later, as I was going through the long corridors outside, is one I prefer most. Sun shining, no air conditioning, and no buggy as usual either, I had to walk this and a few more long corridors, but... I could do it! I did hold near the wall, but in any case I did not have major problem going out! 

So, even for something I did not like, a visit to hospital, treated on some skin places needed, I did show up, and it was after all not so bad as I feared. 

Show up, and read my blog posts, day after day, as I hope to find something interesting to say each time. Thank you for showing up, and following me so many times!

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