9 Jul 2018

Rodin and the contextBritish

British Museum and Rodin Paris  presents Rodin and the  Greak statues influence on him
“Mother, take the context too, the people looking, not only the statue. That is what will tell the story. True. Still learning, not only the art of taking a picture, but also giving better context to my stories. Still at Level 3 and improving my skills.

The Kiss by Rodin, half life ago, did teach me, tender love does exist. Sex, can be tender and warm. He showed be by a gigantic statue he made of this couple. I learned it, later in real life. Tender, and very reciprocal. And a lot later, at some event, a lady won a tiny reproduction of it, and found it “indecent”. I want it! She gave it to me. The small statue is since between my books. Not as impressive as the original, but seeing it magnificently illuminated, decided me to call and buy tickets for it. Many other memories around the Rodin museum, the first I visited as I went to live in Paris, and last I went back again before leaving and coming to live in London. 

Each time, I discovered yet another statue that spoke to me, each different from the others.

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