3 Jul 2018

Standup Comedy? Where did it lead... online, then pathways

Until I was 75 I did not even hear about Standup Comedy. For sure, have never been to one till I was almost 77.

Telling a story on stage, audience begun to laugh. I loved it! "How to make them laugh when I wanted, where I wanted, and not by chance?"

That is what I went to find out in not one, but three Standup Comedy workshops in 2011. And at the end of the year, I begun to go out and try out what I learned. I loved the audience, and as usual, the audience gave back me the love. In 2012 I was named the "best silver comedian of the year" that was a good entry to many other clubs and I did not stop, to count how many till I got to the 77th! 

Then, I broke my leg. Staying home, my leg still immobile, I discovered Online Toastmaster club! I could assist, tell stories, even make laugh from home. I felt alive again. From one to other, about 2 years later, I founded, with others a new Online Toastmasters club: Witty Storytellers Online. Not only I could tell my stories, but offer advice on how to tell deep personal stories, and make others laugh another time. 

I did go from time to time to a standup comedy club, but a lot less often. I found that I can make laugh and listen very different audiences. Most important, look at my life with comedian's eye. Take what arrive less sad and grave, find from my mishaps some funny side. As this morning. 

Live on facebook, freshly washed hair, outside early in beautiful and not yet too warm weather. As I arrive two levels down and step out of the door, I realize "my denture for my three front teeth is up home in a glass of water"! Aie. I could make a short video, live on Facebook, laughing of it telling it and, at the same time showing the beautiful sky and world around me. 

Online clubs, lead me to Virtual Attendance, beginning Pathways early, and so many wonderful friends all around the world! Pathways also let me make laugh International audience, not with "standup comedy stuff" but finding humor in my stories and frank speech about my life.

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Mmajjikk said...

Wonderful true story.
Worthy of an article in TM magazine.