4 Jul 2018

What you like most in Pathways? & Global Search

Toastmasters released a new flyer : inside page two I found this:
And what YOU like the most? Perhaps, the possibility of Personalization and the possibility to "sharpen" my skills. Most of all in fact, connecting with you here, connecting with some of the 5000 as Moderator of Facebook group discussing Pathways, and connecting with the clubs I am Ambassador and/or Guide. Connecting.

Also the personal messages I receive, and zooming with others, finding answers to problems, solving them. I feel creative and useful. 

Today, trying to answer a question, I looked up Search again and found something new to me. We can do a Global Search and instead of finding Persons (I did not find any at that moment in my club's Base Camp) finding answers and Project descriptions. 
This will be my required level 3 project for the Team Collaboration. 
Just adding the beginning, I found all this resources and different languages. And Completing a Level, a "refine the search" also.
After a year, still discovering new ways and informations. I also seen, that once read, if I click, on Mark Completed, it disappears from my active Transcript, that I did not observe before. 

Tomorrow, about three different ways to reach our path after login to TMI

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