25 Jul 2018

Fill out an Evaluation Form

Today, I got an Evaluation form that was all upside down. I am not sure how it was obtained, but it was not easy to fill out. Opening with Adobe Acrobat Reader, I could not reverse it. Opening with Preview on my Mac, it did put right... the first page only. I could fill it in. The second page looked like this.
I could put squares around the numbers but of course, now write in inverse. 

I got another form from the VPE and it was alas not fillable: it was from a Project.

Fortunately, I learned what we have to do if we really need to fill an Evaluation form online!

Opened the Base Camp, and went to the grey Tutorial and Resources under the one in burgundy. 

Then down, till I arrived to Evaluation Resources and then choose English. 

This is what I found there, in tiles, all the forms where there one near the other.

But I thought, in list form "title" I will find faster what I was looking for. 
Once I found the one I needed, I clicked on it and got it, inside my Educational Transcript. Launched it and on the spot, filled it. Then, saved it to my drive before sending it out in an email. Each step is important. Saving before sending if not the filling disappears. Filling it on the spot (even before saving) worked very well for me too.

I know, it is complicated. It should be the same with the forms that are in the Projects, alas for the moment, we can only print them, not or really with difficulty fill them. 

But there are many treasures to be found and used in the Tutorials and Resources. Trying out one by one pays, in the long, we gain back the time spend to discover ten times.

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