19 Jul 2018

My London club and Pathways

Yesterday, club meeting near me. A great pal took me there with his car and back at end.

A new team working and a great new president leading. The new VPE fills in the roles on a paper for a few times ahead during the meeting break and before, after

This time, I was really happy; all the three speeches were from Pathways Projects.

One Icebreaker and a very good story of childhood and horrible professor, I would not forget, from a new member. A Second speech from Level 1 from a relatively new member. And the first speech of Evaluation and Feedback by our new President, that I evaluated. It was not easy to find something to improve, he was so good. "Take out the mask" and dig deep into you, tell your story. And he did tell from when he could not even answer a Table Topic question, he froze. But he kept going, he also realized that with mask down, feelings emerge that connect. 

Phil, in this picture, was the General Evaluator. And his feedback to me, beside telling how good speaker I was and how organized my evaluation, he added "it would have be better not to take time to explain how the speech fit into the Level and our education. At first, I did not agree. Of course, did not tell him. But looking back, indeed, that should have been explained by the Toastmaster of the day. She will begun her Pathways journey at the next meeting. 

Our club members started! Really begun to walk, one after other on their Pathways journey! Without pushing, just nudging slightly, giving example, I am happy it works.

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