26 Jul 2018

New window or new tab? Use TAB

It was almost a year, that a small window like this opened up on my computer and never on iPad. But I do remember. 

I learned that time, that I have to stretch it out to see the arrows left and right, to move to the next page, and to stretch it down, to be able to jump to another page I need. 

It was not a pleasure! 

In plus, it did not remain on as it was when I opened another popup, like the Evaluation, or Project: come in the place of that window and, when I closed it, I got me back to the very beginning, the Levels, instead of where I was in my project. Those were unhappy times. 

The arrows appeared when I stretched, I could move left and right, and even of course, if needed "more" or "next", and even jump to a page, but all that  disappeared, as soon as I opened another popup!

It popped up in the same place of the small window, not near it. I do remember, how unhappy that made me, and how much at that time I did avoid opening any other resource. 

What was to do? What was to do? 

My son visited and come to my rescue. Why do not open it all page, he asked me. He then pointed to the three tiny rounds on top of my windows and I can open them suddenly bigger or bring back smaller. And the third, closes it. But why bring back smaller? 

One problem was solved, no more stretch: the popup immediately occupied the whole screen. 

The other problem was solved, when I realised that instead of using WINDOWS for the new popups, I can add a new TAB to my browser. From then one, my life with Pathways Projects and Levels became a whole different ball of game: a pleasure. It is an option in Safari. I described step by step in a post how to configure it on a Macintosh.

When I finish with one thing, for example saving or printing a project manual, I close the tab, and find myself where I left before opening the resource. It does work, on Macintosh.

What about in Chrome? someone asked at the Pathways Forum. I got how to yesterday, and I could use it the same way if I really want Chrome from Google. What about for a PC device? I got yesterday the answer "Yes, I use Internet Explorer and it works well and it is easy to set it up". In Chrome, it is also possible, he wrote "but I prefer IE".

With TABs near each other, navigating Base Camp becomes a breeze. The user interface seems suddenly not so ugly. 

I learned early to close any project answering to all the Auto assessment-After questions, after I gave my project speech(s) and completed all tasks. Still had to learn how to find a fillable evaluation resource, but the sky suddenly was blue and the sun shining.

Here what I got as PDF but I could add only images (or videos here) for Internet Explorer.

So it does work also with Internet Explorer, on a PC device. Tabs one near other open (and you could either navigate between them or close the one you do not need any more.

My Toastmaster pal "no name needed in your blog" he wrote me, tried how to achieve it with Chrome. More complicated, but here what he found.
As for now, just a popup box, but at least bigger and one can see the navigations.
A right click on the top left, shows it like a TAB: perhaps not so "elegant" but works!
That is what happens when we want to help each other: we find ways to work, each helping, each adding something, and in the end finding ways to work. A great team work! Me with my Macintosh, he with his PC, from afar working on the same problem, complementing each other.

And now, all of you know, it can be done. Life is easier with TABs then with Windows and in plus, one can see each tab in the whole screen or make smaller at wish. 

Happy projects! 

From now, we can concentrate on the content and not the navigations. And once we learn how to for one project, all other project are same: we already do know. 

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