12 Jul 2018

First day President of Online club

Up at 5 doors opened at 5:30 and at six in the morning, the Witty Storytellers meeting opened officially. Icebreaker, in many ways. A wonderful story told and interesting presentation then how to use Social media, ex. A Facebook page for a club. And for me, first day as President.
That was at the beginning, Without vidéo on

We were there from opening of the door, I was in fact the third to arrive.

I could not sleep well, I was really worried, for so many things! Most resolved or proved exagérations of my mind. So, today, I went to swimm after the meeting and then spend more time with my family. 
Today, we proved in the morning, how easy it is with the right questions, to tell 1-2 story from personal life and how effective it is to get to know each other. 

I improvised the Table Topics, inspired by the story heard and the presentation listened to. Even from last table topic answer. No one went away fro our club meeting without having had the occasion to tell, at least a short story.

From tomorrow alone, will begin to concentrate again more on pathways.

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