5 Jul 2018

Different ways to reach my paths

All three places where I added an oval white sign, lead to my path, your paths. 

All up, the Welcome, Julie! or your name opens up and it lets you "Go to my Transcript" where you find the path(s) and from there your Levels and inside them Projects. 

Alternatively, one can choose Pathways and from there Go to my Base Camp, that lets you choose between different clubs if you have more then one and the same at the bottom, Access my path through Base Camp (login as a Member) or if Base Camp Manager, to see as BCM if anyone is waiting for a Level Approval. 

Each lead to our path, in a different way, so we can choose each time the one we prefer. Through my profile and name is the fastest, but did not give me choice of clubs. It does tell you how many paths you have so far and leads you directly to them. The paths are yours not the clubs, and we go through the clubs mostly when we are towards the end and need a VPE or other Base Camp Manager approval, or are a VPE ourself.

Tomorrow, I will show you the paths that are near the end of my street, explaining at the same time how we feel before and after we started on Pathways.

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