17 Jul 2018

Club Officer Training 1/3 about Pathways and success stories

Yesterday, a wonderful Area Club Officer training! So much to tell and so much learned! How to begin? 

Again, conformed how personal specific stories resonate and convince! 

AD told us how she had to step in last minutes and in very few words told us the importance of COT and introduced us to each other by clubs first and one by one later.  

Then the immediate past AD (area director) told us how two years before, the club he was President of got from 32 to 50 and a waiting list, what were the methods that worked and showed us what are some we could use, then put us to work, club by club. 
Samir Malak Presents Pathways with Stories

The third part of the meeting was a wonderful Pathways Presentation, from my team pal, D91 Guide (we presented together in February and March with me as Ambassador) and we are on the same team also as Undistricted Guides. 

Samir told us about Pathways Projects and how one, then the other, from Level 1 then one from 2 helped that TM (who was present) and him, to Present better in the Company they work and their club is. Those personal examples resonate and remain in mind. 

He also gave example, how he used the Icebreaker to tell about his plans, with his second path, and "today, our boss told me how much XX speech got better" The speech that was the one "Feedback and Evaluation, repeated one". 

Samir Malek also showed us his folder with printed projects and literature about how to choose a path and offered one with information in it to all VPE! 

I will now create my own folder to show with projects from a path!

Should I admit? I was not so happy before the meeting that I was not asked, this time to present but I am now very happy with what I learned of how and what works. Worked!

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