31 Jul 2018

How to become an expert

Remaining expert in Toastmasters and also becoming Pathways Expert is not so difficult: be there and fall in problems before others. You will be helped, figure it out, then can help others in your tour. Speech given in the "online alliance" meeting of online clubs.

I am still learning! Still falling in potholes from time to time. Then figure out what went awol and explain to others to whom arrives the same. Yesterday, was about Zoom screen sharing. Before, about how to close a Pathways Level. 

Day by day, I am becoming "more expert". On what? In many things so munch more to go! I read once in a book about writing, we go up, and when we think we are "there" we realize there are a lot more steps to go and begin our journey to the next level of knowledge, understanding and skill.

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