28 Jul 2018

Tabs in the Safari Browser (Use Tabs not Windows 2)

How come I did not tell how my own Safari is made to do what I want it? In the Preferences, That is what I had to choose to open pages in tabs instead of windows.

Here are some pictures of browsers we use, Safari, IE, Chrome, there are also others. Each of them in fact translates the "HTML" the programmers write to a language we understand, in their way and navigate for us on the web. In my Safari, I opened the Preferences. Then told it how I wanted it to behave.
Open a link in a new window, I do not have to use Cmd-click, it does it automatic now on my Macintosh, and in plus, learned to open it big, almost the whole screen.
So, open the Preferences and Tabs was there. Choose "Always open pages in tabs instead of windows." Of course, I also told Safari to let the popups pop up, and put them in a Tab and allowed JavaScript, even if JavaScript I think is not absolutely essential.

Many other small adjustment in my browser, in your browser prepared before you begin to work on Base camp Projects, will make you life easier. Once chosen it remains... till the next version. Some versions go again to "default" and have to put back my preferences again.

After I published yesterdays post also in the Pathways Forum Discussion on Facebook, I was very pleasantly surprised, others come to comment and explained how they did with their own operating system, and even researched other systems I never heard of helping each other. I will have to collect all that wonderful information and make a third post with it. Meanwhile, why do not look it up?

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