8 Jul 2018

All seems beautiful, these days: record as you go

Not only the sky is blue, the clouds beautiful, but even my leg, knee, ankle has to behave now for a week when I have my two children in London. Grown, over 50 both, they are still “my children”. And both love their mother.

Even when they will go out together, for outings that are not for me, or my daughter takes a nap while I discover because she send me a link, old goodies on my own Google drive.

I will have to find a way to add in this blog, at least some video story, or tell it again after the feedback from a year ago, also old slide show that I could use, even rearrange now!

Recording, saving, being able to look again to remember and of course, do it even better later, is really worth. Today, I old found pictures,  old podcasts, old videos that make my heart sing. Not “perfect” so what? It does show, how I tried. Two years ago, just after the brexit, two standup comedy shows recorded by a grandson. From a year ago, as I prepared for Level 3 voice variety project, texts from books I read, and recording of an web / on-site meeting as I told my fathers first work adventure story that helped me 30 years later; together with it’s feedback I received.

Keeping old stuf, recording all that is possible is worth!

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