18 Jul 2018

Yet another Icebreaker

Another icebreaker? Why not? We have so much to say about ourselves that does not get into 5 minutes! Beside, we change Let know the club members how, and what we want to achieve now, not some time ago.

Why should I give an Icebreaker at every path beginning? I found that we never give enough. 

Perhaps, this one was not my best Icebreaker, but I delivered it through Remote Access from London all the way to Virginia in USA, to a club that let me be in Pathways, after the first could no more. I remained still they used Zoom or GoToMeeting, when they decided to change that too, I stopped. I put in a post but did not Publish it. Till today.

Now, instead of 7 Toastmaster Clubs, I am only in 4 : still not bad is it?
And, I have to admit, contemplating to taking in at least one more online club soon.

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