6 Jan 2019

4 Electives or All of them: depends on us

How many slices we take from the Galette des Rois au frangipan, depends on us. And of course, how many of us there are.

Today, instead of 1 it was possible to choose 2 slices. I think, my grandson will have 3 of them, as some remained.

We have "required projects" from which 3 or 4 are SPECIFIC to the path we have chosen, and the others few common to all.

As for the others, we HAVE to choose 4 total of the Elective projects, but can do more as I have done in my Level 3 of Motivation strategy path. The important to understand is that there are there for us to read, study, save or and print, to do or put aside for another time. And there are there always, not like a slice of cake. We do not have to share them, even if we do share speaking time.
We could see this before also, but it was not part of the new navigator. Now we can see those at left here on top, and open or not the electives to see all. Here is when you can see for a path, Visionary Communication, the Required projects on the top, the Electives, as I asked and opened them for Levels 3 then 4 then 5.
10 required Project then 4 four more minimum at our choosing, but all the other available to us as we want and what we want. For the path DC (negotiations) at level 4 the required is a very good project called Manage Change. In plus, 1 of the following Electives.

I am at LEVEL 4 of Motivation Strategy. Already finished three electives : Manage Online Meetings, Questions and Answer Session and Write a Compelling blog in December. Now, on to the Building a Social Media Presence, better then before, then will come the funny project Managing a Difficult Audience with interruptions during my speech or presentation. 

The other projects Create a Podcast and Manage Projects Successfully, never done before, it will take more time to master them. Indeed, 2019 will be busy. Lots to do, beside writing this blog and caring for my health, offering workshops and answering to some interviews. Even if I do not make plans or decisions, that is new special new year ones. 

26 Electives instead of 4 is a lot. But from them, 12 plus 3 already done even if the higher level projects take a lot more time. I'll have what to do till the new path arrives. And of course, also go through the lower levels of my new path.

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