19 Jan 2019

Matthew’s blog, umeryouknow.com a must

You need information about Pathways? Mentoring? How to go fast to your Path? What are the specific level 2 projects? What is the one most important thing to know? Go to umeryouknow.com of Matthew Kleinosky - my mentor from Toronto. Short, clear great advices, to be found with great titles and screens too. And so many different answers!

If you learn only one thing, is after you finished your project and speech, go back to your project Auto Assessment- After, and answer to ALL the questions! That is how to got to know each other, when he come from Toronto and showed me on my London computer how to do it.
Today, I went and read 3 from many pages, and was enchanted how clear and well his umeryouknow.com answers to very different questions posed about Pathways.

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