16 Jan 2019

New Tutorials with videos! New tools for Club Leaders

Yesterday, many new things discovered, yet spend the day to recuperate. My hand wound is healing, my leg soaked then massaged. I did not write a blog post! 

This is for yesterday, even if I write it now, I will put it as if it had been done a few hours before. Not only we have new Club Officer Tools, but even new Club Central Tutorials. 

Those new tutorial videos, are so similar to those found in the Base Camp Tutorials! Gifts we got, tutorials we got, in my opinion because the Pathways Education System begins to permeate all the other aspects of Toastmasters advices and help. 

There are new tools and they are new tutorials for all the Toastmasters who are club officers. I did not discovered or used yet all, just a few, and both me and my Toastmasters pal who is VPE where looking at it yesterday morning, excited. 

All those new (I think many are new) tools for club Administration to discover and use! Explained each of them by a sort video animation, demonstration with voice behind. I will have to go through them, one by one. Bellow, is a video moment frozen.

In fact, it does not say much in this one just how the hand moves, other window popped up before and that this video is almost at its end. From time to time we see all the screen, other times, like here it gets bigger so we can see details.

How are the new tutorials related to Pathways? Of course, one of the requirements towards Pathways DTM is a year in a Club's committee. 

As for now, I am in the committee of all the three clubs I am recently member of, in two of them even Base Camp Manager, as Secretary in one and President of the other club. In plus, with the new year's Officer Training, it is a good idea to discover all this material and show them to others.

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Marguerite said...

Thanks, Julie! New features are always welcome!