30 Jan 2019

Begin with one, two or maximum three?

This is sure a book all of us could read, even if not directly about comedy
After posting yesterday a few books I begun reading or read already, in other format, I looked up if I could find others.

Indeed, on Amazon, I found suddenly a lot, even new editions, even Kindle books on the subject of Comedy and Humour telling and writing. So much that suddenly, I felt overwhelmed. Exactly or more then when I got the Competent Communication manual together with Voice Variety, Body Language and even a third one. As much when someone gifted me the whole lot of Advanced Manuals, 35 years ago. Many of them, even if I took them with me as I moved, I never opened.

I fear, if or when the gates between Levels open, many will feel the same feeling. Too much! Too much at once.

Some old and seasoned and those liking to plan, perhaps will enjoy it, but I am not sure how many will read 36 projects of 20 pages each before planning their path.

Just finished in London a Committee meeting, the first we had through Zoom! One wisdom our President told us, about how to help New Members, is:  

Do NOT overload them with too much information. Tell them what is the "Next step". 

Or, at most the next three steps. Perhaps, at maximum, till they got there first role, assessment to take a path, and their Icebreaker, he said. And, of course, let us assign them a mentor who will help them with those first steps at the same time. 

I will add to it "show them, explain them" how to login and use, discover the NEW Toastmasters NAVIGATOR. Not enough members, old or new know yet about it. 

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