27 Jan 2019

Alas, three paths at level 4 !

How did arrive to this? Three path at level 4! One at level 1...

Level 1 Strategic Relationship begun again, and me, waiting to Evaluate. I understand.

I finished the two speeches this week, the "any speech any style" and then with the feedback, had the occasion to give the second.

I offered, but did not get yet to evaluate, which is what I need to finish the Evaluation and Feedback project. 

I asked one of my old clubs, and hope they let me Evaluate later.

I am not yet sure, but I think I will Research the new possibilities of for club officers, or, eventually the new navigator, or also possible, what book on Humor should I speak about.

At the other end, I have not one but three path, all at level 4 ! One of them is normal, as at Motivational strategy I want to make all the electives, and that takes time. Already some finished. Also have to make "motivate others" with a team.
I not only wrote one more month in my blog, but had it evaluated and speak of it. I did create online meeting, and answered to Questions and Answers at a separate time, and yesterday, I Managed Difficult Audience. Opened and begun to read Public Relation Strategies, interesting, so I will not hurry with it. 

But somehow, I arrived even in the Team Collaboration path, at the same level 4. 

In this case, I just arrived, and did not "do" either the motivate others, a team I have to create, nor any of the elective projects.

As the Managing Difficult Audience is fun, and I did not do as well as I hoped, I think I will repeat that project, when I got the occasion. 

Some day, some club.

A place, where they are ready to organize the role play of interrupting me when needed.

The fourth path open, is my French Leadership Development, and somehow, I am also at level 4 for the moment. I hoped, I will have occasion to do it in French, at least, I can read it in that language. So here it is again, something to do, to decide.

I did lead my team, but did not get yet the evaluation. Or perhaps, not lead to a special meeting? I have to look it up again. 

There are many "leading your team" or similar in different paths, but all ask something else. 

At least, I did complete my elective project, as I see, and it is only in one path, MS that I want to do more then the minimum, the maximum of electives. 
With all that, I now feel, I have to finish some, or at least level 4 to arrive at level 5. At least to make "place" for the new upcoming path! Create special events! Panels at level 5, and finish this French path I hoped to do mostly in French. Many things are as I hope, not all and that is life.

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