31 Jan 2019

Toastmasters Navigator : NEW in January

I have already written about the "Pathways" new Navigator in a post, look it up.

Now it is called Toastmasters Navigator. I tried it out through my IPhone  at the beginning of this month, finishing today, I went all the way to Choose a Path, it works till after one chooses one. 

Today, I tried to look at its different features through my Macintosh. Toastmasters.org/the-navigator 

and here I am! 
Toastmasters Navigator

So much more! Each time I click on one option, it gives more choices. This time (again ?) I went to open the Pathways Learning Experience part that explains why and the choices. The paths with their specifics, required projects, and all the electives, then the levels.
We have to click on What are some of the projects included in Team Collaboration path? to see the list of required one first, then if we want the electives too. This way of showing gave me a glimpse on things to come. At same time.
These Elective Projects appear only when we click on the button "elective projects". Of course, these are same for all the paths in a the same level, and not specific to the Visionary Communication path.

Not easy to explain, there is so much interesting material in the new Toastmasters Navigator: go and discover it by yourself! It will be worth your time.

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Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

It works perfect on I am using an Android Motorola Moto G, we just checked out.