28 Jan 2019

We are together in London. Elizabeth wanted to pose us with my Distinguished Toastmaster plaque in the background. Well, on my green screen here we are.

Elizabeth lives in Hertfordshire, and me, as you know in London. She came to visit me yesterday.

She will begin to blog, too as she soon will arrive to her second path's 4th Level.

Her blog is Tales from Toastmaster Elizabeth

Soon after she was in Pathways, she begun enthusiast and did command herself a Pathways tee shirt.

One day, I will have one similar as I think it is really cute and strong. The one I have is gray and one can barely see Pathways name on it.

What is funny is that even if we live both in UK, we met through an online club from Philippines, named Emperor Online. We met there many times, and somehow felt that we lived far from each other.

Online, of course, we meet people from all over the world!

I was online, last week every day, and in every club bar one, I did have some role or even a speech. Last time it was yesterday, I got the Evaluation job I needed, to close my Feedback and Evaluation Project. This morning, I even read my evaluation!
In the email, it was written also "I never give 5 to anyone so they get reason to improve". I already asked the right to publish that speech, an Reflect on your journey, really well done.

Here we are again, "together" Friday, at the last Emperors meeting from MANILA, and the pictures we took together with "normal background" bellow.

We got to have a fast lunch together.

Got some pictures to celebrate.

Then, begun the work on blogging.

I explained how important is to blog regularly, and know to whom you address. Be authentic. She is authentic, now just have to find her audience and voice.

I am sure, it will be a blog worth visiting soon!

Also interesting, she found that she did already had a blog, but did not figure yet out, how to add gadgets, but most important, how to ask "New Post" : it is up right in the menu, and indeed not enough apparent.

Discussion always needed, time to figure out as a Detective, what is the real problem someone has to progress. Communication is the key.

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