22 Jan 2019

Level 2, the first small differences

Someone asked me in a comment, when I described my favorite paths, Levels and Projects “but you said nothing about Level 2” good observation.

I never really liked it, even if I may understand that it is good to stop and reflect on what and how we do. For me, the Level 2 projects, identical in my first two paths, had too much flavor of High Education slang and buzzwords, not enough for normal people like me, and, in plus, tried to put us in a box, stereotype me. 

I was so relieved when in other path, one of the three Projects was replaced by something arriving in fact from the Level 3 Electives, and even for one of my path so far, by a Project I enjoyed about Time, that should be also included in all electives Level 3. 

Why no one of us would choose a path because what is different at level 2, nevertheless it is interesting to have this list, that was NOT compiled by me. We do share with each other, and you all can borrow from any of my posts, or save a post in pdf and share it freely.

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