26 Jan 2019

Managing Difficult Audience with Feedback

Difficult audience, same tee-shirt same blue background. I love that my hand and face and hair can be seen, and nothing else stands out. 

A year ago, I was told, blue on blue does not work, it does work, does what I want to do. The three or four interruptors where all fantastic! Difficult Audience is not only useful but also a fun project. Bellow are two different videos of the same event.
This is the "gallery view" all from Global Trainers Present on the screen

Here is the "screen view" in fact, a Speaker view
Same meeting and speech - and interruptions - different rendering. In this case, and many times, the Gallery view where we see the audience reaction is more interesting.

These are two ways you can record to zoom directly. When we record to our computer, we can change during the speech and the meeting different views many times, and we record, what WE see.

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