15 Jan 2019

Let them Popups or not ?

There was a recent discussion on the Pathways Discussion Forum of Facebook, which has now near 8000 members.

Some new members come up with very interesting questions, others merely to object about some feature, or even only to pester about the new program.

I appreciate all when they are specific. I ressent most when they argue for “our aged members” not themselves.

We are never telling, nowadays at least or open “women can not...” or other stereotypes. Why it is not forbidden to tell something happens because age? Anyone can be afraid of learning new, depending what their parents told him or her when young.

Back to the popup.

 “One of my aged club members, does not want to disable the popup blocker” so not want web Pathways.” Here is a great image, popup out of a children’s book, they all love it! And then a comment, explaining that the fear of popups finished a decade ago. No more problem NOW.

My own experience is in the last 21 month I disabled the Popup Blockers, on all my devices, I did not have a problem with them. Sometimes when I change systems, I have to tell again my browser “yes, let them pop up”. I do tell.

The only popup that bothered me lately was a blister on my hand. I had to get special treatment when it did pop up, opened. I was looking how to look at it with comedian eyes, here it is.

When you search my blog for “popup” some different posts come up, - pop up - then when you search for “popups” ! Both are interesting, try. Indeed, this is not my first post on the subject or, incorporating the subject.

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