8 Jan 2019

Level 1 Project Evaluation and Feedback, again

Each time I get stuck in long projects, I get a new path and begin the basics. It helps! It also helps me to see what had changed from last time. I did publish an image explaining Level 1 but now, as I got into Level 1 again, I have the impression: it is not needed. Whoever finished the Icebreaker, and get a checkbox on it, and clicked on Activate and Launch the second project, is showed, told, explained MANY TIMES about the tasks.

After, again, a page explaining how to navigate, I got the above page, linked now to Your Assignment, is the Tutorial "Printing your Project". Hip hip hurrah!

But already the Assignment is clear that there is a First speech and a Second speech followed by an Evaluation, different times.
When I clicked View Printing a Project and Resources, I got two pages with 4 screens. I do love that the Base Camp Tutorial Quick Reference Guide is LINKED to the project page! I wrote about it, dreamed about this almost 20 month ago! 

then explains the dropdown menu and how to go to the Evaluation page (section)

Also shows and explains how to download a pdf resource
Back to the Your Assignment page, and the Overview, is the Project Checklist. 

As I opened on my iPad Pro the Project Checklist, it also explains what different tasks this projects ask us to do. This is the beginning: see ? First Speech. Second Speech. 
Continuation of the Project Checklist... and so on.
And it is clear from the end, that we are asked AFTER having completed ALL COMPONENTS of the assignment, to login again and only then, complete the Assess Your Skills - After. In order to tell "the project is completed."

Here is the Assess your skills-before explained

I did answer to all questions, went NEXT and answered. Always, the last question is, as you know, "I recognize how this project applies to my life outside of Toastmasters" in fact for me many times it could also be a lower number as I do not have a lot of life "outside". Still, sometimes, I do. And anywhere I spoke as Storyteller or Standup, I could use what I learn from this wonderful Project. I show here how I did click on the Submit, so save my answers.

In plus, I have to admit, that even after having read this page lots of times, accepting feedback is not my forte. I try. I do also incorporate. But... well, may I say, I still have a way to go to accept sometimes a feedback, even if on long I try to incorporate. And tell them they were (also) right...

And of course, when we arrive or jump to the section or page called YOUR EVALUATION, we can see again, we have THREE Tasks, before we finish. And when we ask Print my Project, we can go to the file of the manual displayed and instead of Printing and using ink, SAVE AS... giving a place and name or just save PDF: it does save the same project file in both cases.

I put again here the "instagram" I already showed, that explain in short that this project does have three tasks in three different occasions. If anyone would not have understood as going and reading through the Project.

By the way, in my opinion, this should not be called Project 2 because after the Icebreaker, we could choose which project to take on first, the Research or Presenting or this one. It seems it is a shorter project, but even if it does have only one Presenting, speech in it, there are also more then one tasks asked from us. 

For me, this "third project" was the most important between any I did, or almost, all I did and still do now, after 20 month begun from the Research I begun with my first path. More about that in a next post. 

Should I confess? This time it is not easy to give my First Speech! Any speech, any style! So many memories comes to my mind, so many chased away the one for another! 

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