24 Jan 2019

Humor path, for Chinese New Year!

It is true, the path will be coming, even if, for the time only in English. We got confirmation through a letter received to Singapore Toastmasters.

This was taken by me another year, in London's Chinese Quarter. At the same place, I also met a Flickr photographer, and we discovered, we were in one of the same group! "After 50 year old photographers"

I am not sure if it is "funny" or not, but it reminds me of the day and place. I am not sure, this year, my foot will let me go out. Or is it my courage? 

Any way, I am sold, I will have that path!

"Looking to create funny, engaging speeches? 
This Humor path offers strategies on writing humorous speeches, using effective timing and pacing, crafting strong openings and even how to cope when your jokes bomb. 

Currently available in English, the 11th path in the Pathways learning experience provides an in-depth study of humor and works the same as the other paths, with required projects and electives throughout five levels that increase in complexity."

That is how it will be released, very soooooon.

Perhaps, this will make me have too many paths at the same time, true, but I still want it. Wait for it. From now on, will dream it! 
Never two without three. So here is a third picture. 

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