7 Jan 2019

Oups! Wrong Compatibility check, why?

It had been now past twenty month that I used my iPad to access Pathways Base Camp, Tutorials and Projects, and it continues to go as well I usual. I checked this morning! yet...

After I tried out the new Navigator, in many ways, and yes! it works well in other Mobile Telephones not only the iPhone, I continued to see : how it goes on my iPad?

No problem, as usual and beautiful. 

Suddenly, I try the Configuration, and it is not as usual. It does say, Pathways does NOT support my operating system, "only Windows and Mac" ! 

What happened? Introducing something new, another part broke down? No! Pathways works as well as usual with my tablet, and I opened early morning a few of my Project to verify it and reassure myself. Then why this alert?

I went to look at the pathways FAQ - frequently asked questions, what they say: nothing changed.

Is it coming from my new system version? A new Safari version? It is working, yet it does says it is not. I do not check the compatibility often.

 I did it at the beginning only, then installed the Java Script they asked me and disabled the popup blocker. Here it is how it looks on my Macintosh, why not on my iPad? It even complains now about its Resolution!
I thought first, I should ask, signal it to the new Pathways User Interface team, but I do not have their address. If anyone of you know, where to sent this inquiry let me know. Not that it bothers me, I can, work very well on my iPad Pro, even if it says "operating system not supported". One day, the OS or the Basecamp check will catch up.

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