17 Jan 2019

Team Collaboration 4 reached by both of us

Yesterday afternoon, I met through Zoom, a Polish Toastmaster, Base Camp Manager and preparing an Area QA Project, from the Team Collaboration's Level 4 Electives, to help his fellow officers to understand better and begin Pathways. 

This above is my Level 4 of Team Collaboration, still "virgin": I did not yet do any of its projects, but I did open and read the Motivating Others Required Project, yet again another small team to create, motivate and go through a common goal, a common project. 

From the Elective Projects, he choose "Questions and Answers" and will have 30 minutes (only!) to speak to his fellow officers about Pathways. I choose "Create a Social Media Presence". 
At least, this one I could do alone, all by myself! In plus, there are so much to learn, to do on "social media"!

Reflecting, I had many options. 

1) was to make better know my Blog, this one, and blow the horn in many places about it. Or adding better keywords to posts.

2) was to improve and care about the relatively new Pathways Storyswatch Facebook Page. 

3) Infusing new life to an old Facebook group, that I almost forgot, that we created in 2012 for our Storytelling Workshop. It is called Story Telling. 

Was it not that a Toastmaster posted a video in it, I would have forgotten it! I decided, for now to do this third option, for this project. Of course, so many uses and possibilities! 

Other difference, between us is the knowledge of the Tutorials and Resources inside Base Camp. Because the grey fantom like button, my Polish Toastmaster did not click on it, did not even know it existed, till I had seen him hovering then told him, he can find there answers to two of his different questions, topics about he wished to speak. Dare to click on the Grey : it is THE button!

When we dare, we discover a whole new world of Tutorials, Videos, Resources, Evaluation forms, Project description and so on. Understanding what is there is important, so we can use them when needed and suggest to others when they need it.
It is so rewarding helping someone else understand all that they can do and all that IS available!

And I hope, in some near future, that Fantom Button many do not dare to use will be replaced and we will be able to use the Name in the red background, just click on it. 

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