12 Jan 2019

My Relation to Humor, recorded

Witty Storytellers Online Humor Workshop, this come after all the others told us, one by one, their "relation" to Humor. I wanted, as always with this convince that anyone can learn, me learning comedy at 76 (I already told 77 then till I was 80) was prove that never too late. And also prove, that we do have to work to learn, understand and exercise. 

I also took it out to ask for written Evaluation, for it. I did have some, telling me "already heard" and asking me "you have not new material?" but most of those present, did hear it first time, and no, I do not really have for now "new material". This is a Gallery view recording, the advantage is one can see the reaction of the audience (called Gallery) in it. 

Disregard the few seconds mess at the beginning, where my desktop can be seen. This is a Re-recording of part of the longer initial recording. While initially it was done with Zoom, during the meeting, I recorded out from it only my part, with Replay Video Capture program. 

Today, I heard three interesting, good and very different Pathways Project Level 2 and Level 3 speeches online, and decided (and got permission) to show one of them which I found excellent. Waiting to get the initial recording, and sorry I did not recorded it in the first place. I hope, it will available tomorrow. "Your Communication Style" : communicating with the son.

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