3 Jan 2019

New years gift ! Story Telling group, founded 2012

In 2012 I created a Storytelling workshop from fall to May, in the Area I directed, and asked Simone, then City Criers President and active member of my workshop, to create on Facebook a group for all wanting to learn better about telling stories. Then she married and went in Barcelona and let me Administer alone the group. I did for a while. Then forget of it.

This morning I got an announcement, we had a live video, a story in the group! After looking through it from 2012 to today, I was happy to see it has many interesting material in it. Decided to make it relive again. It also gets me review my older activities.

Here is the Story Telling group as it looks with the last posting. 
The Retelling page is from a short but well written kindle book I discovered yesterday, Storytelling Tips and Techniques. Any of you is invited to participate to the group, I will not let anyone out, even if it is a "closed" group. It is about any kind of personal stories, not only Pathways Stories. Why not use it also to tell each other our Pathways Path and Project stories? As long as there are Stories. We can also tell more about what makes a good story and a good online presence!

That is also what my club, Witty Storytellers Online toastmasters club is all about. Continuing, what I started, in fact in 2011 a year before we started the Facebook group. 

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