31 Mar 2019

Congratulations? Be aware of it (bis)

Again, this comes up. Alas.

“The Basecamp does Congratulate me that I finished, yet it does not recognises I did.

"The VPE verified my Level : Transcript told her my level is not finished as one of my three projects is not closed yet."

Till we do not get this, the comparison between Assess your skills Before and After, like this, (and all before could be 0 if that was not answered, no problem) the end of a project is not recognized by the Basecamp. 

That would be less a problem if any project last page would not end by a Congratulations you finished (see the last picture in this post). Alas, we can get to the congratulation, even when the Project is viewed as unfinished by BC. 

Attention! when you come back to the Project after the tasks are finished, come with Launch clicked not use View Training Details (that should not have been there).

When we go back after a speech and getting evaluation, go through Open Curriculum, to the Level you are working, we have to make sure we do Launch the Project we just Completed, and not click on View Training DetailsNot like this bellow. 

This does not bring us into our Project but to the informations about it. It counts alas for nothing, but confuses many. 

Again: we should not be able to arrive at this last page of every project, you see bellow, unless Base cam does recognize that we indeed finished it! Alas, there are many ways to arrive there. I signaled this more then a year ago already.
"But I finished, they even congratulated me!" wrote again and again a new toastmaster. With her first Level, she was helped, perhaps even done for her or with her, but at Level 2 the VPE believed that now, she knows, understands.

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