1 May 2019

Video of "Comedian Eyes", EH3

Delivered in Firebirds Collective Sunday morning meeting, the was theme of the meeting was "key messages". My title was "Comedian's Eyes" E. Humor Level 3

Sunday, I delivered Required EH. My evaluator gave me a positive feedback, but at the end, added, he missed the classical joke structure in my stories. True, most of my humor, even in my Standup Comedy routine are  not "classic jokes". 

The most important of this project was the Message, stories around the message, with some humor in them. Did I succeed that? Let me know please.

The General Evaluator said he was left with a sad after feeling : too many bad things happened to me. I can try the same stories, leaving out some of "sad" and also changing pace and delivery. 

The President loved it as did most of my audience...

Did you get the message from it? Did it make you smile?
Here are the instructions I got reading the Project. Did I misunderstood, or did my evaluators ? Anyway, I read again the first text I added to this post, and tell myself "next time, I will explain better at the beginning what I intend to do, but also make sure, all leave with a smile on their faces."

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