30 Jul 2017

A whole region now! Welcome Reg 14 to pathways!

First was Pilot District 57 then Pilot District 27 then Malaysia. and now this is a whole Region 14 where Pathways arrives. More joys, also some more problems. By the time the next region time arrives, Region 2, part of California and Oregon, that will be evident. 

In my four month of using it, I had learned a lot, and did buy also a few books that I am very happy with, given very divers speeches, mostly stories, but also had some frustrations. Do not let the frustrations stop you as rewards wait for you, at least that is what I felt arriving at level three. 

Not that the other levels were not useful, but it was at the three I felt happy, able to read and then chose from so many different interesting projects. 

I do feel that is would be really important to ask every pathways guide and every pathways ambassador, and every "Base camp manager": VPE, President and Secretary, to finish at least Level 1 as soon as possible, to begin to understand and help other members if needed. To remain "in" not look from outside. 

As one can continue in parallel, for more then two years the "old way" and the new one, why not begin now? Also all those who answer our inquiries upper on, should have had experienced it, not just read a paper with Q / A about Pathways. Or tell "I will send your question to..." or "I will ask my supervisor" which alas, happens more often now then before. 

And bravo for those in Region 14 who begin, bravo also for those who open up to remote access members more and more. My online clubs did teach me that "global" is wonderful. Getting to know each other, understanding better, friendship between continents is a very important thing.

Already deaming that once I will visit someone from so far away from Europe, one of those many wonderful places and islands, makes me already happy. Meanwhile, will know more who live there!

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