8 Jul 2017

Tonight, yet another Icebreaker

An egg is an egg is an egg.

Would we say an Icebreaker is like the other one?

I don't think so.

And even an egg can be prepared so many ways! Here is one hard boiled.

From my screen today. It almost pops up to me, seems so "in your eyes", three-dimensional, like I could touch it. Smell it. Warm, out of the boiling water. Smooth.

Or is it? It could be also half boiled inside, with the yellow still liquid or half cooked: even better.

An Icebreaker depends on so many things. Our experience. With time, it gets better. Our audience. Our life is full of different incidents and passions. Depending on the audience, we do not say the same! We chose each time differently, leave out or add more details and mood. I try to round the story so it remains in memory and at the same time adopt to whom I know will be listening.

Tonight, my icebreaker for the Presentation Mastery Path, given to a special club I have not yet been in,  yet, but I do know some if the members. And one had given a superb story of him, playing piano on a Russian military ship. My story would never attain that high emotion he obtained, but it will begin with me listening to a young woman playing piano. One story made me remember details of my life.

If only I could tell longer!

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