14 Jul 2017

Moderate a panel, Me? Yes!

We had a wonderful meeting, again, at the Witty Storytellers Online. As usual, Thursday morning.

That is morning for me: 6 am

For Brian and Misako, it was still Wednesday 10 pm as for Dennis, middle of the night.

And for Graham, from Australia and Kevin from Korea, it was already Thursday afternoon.

It still stuns me after all this years online, our diversity and how well we understand each other.

We did meet till now through the GoToMeeting platform. The question now arose: should we not rather meet through Zoom. That IS the occasion I was waiting! Here is for me a possibility to Moderate a Panel Discussion, about Zoom.

ZOOM Panel

My level 5 elective for the Visionary Communication Path! 
Here a picture captured from the video showing and explaining the Panel Moderator role

Something, I know about a little, can research more and know a few Toastmasters who know a lot more then me and can be the Panelist. Already, the first accepted, now have to convince the others.

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