17 Jul 2017

How? How could I do it too?

Often we see someone doing something new or that we did not think it can be done. For example, at online meetings, through Zoom or through GoToMeeting, or any other platforms, usually all sit down and we see the face and facial expression and a little bit of background.

Standing up? It seems complicated.

Far from the computer or, in my case my Mac laptop. How could I?

After seeing someone do it first time, and yes, it was very effective seeing him move, I asked "how did you do?" The answer was : "I did buy an expensive video camera!" Well, not for me.

Second time a young woman stood up and spoke with wonderful energy and using all her body and won the speech contest. How did you do it? "Used iPhone instead of my computer while standing" but how to switch, I did not figure out.

Then, last week, I got a very good feedback after a story I told but the Evaluator added "if you stood up, it would have made it even better, to show us how heavy that suitcase was to carry". Now, my task was to incorporate that in my next speech. How? How can I do it?

My grand-son will be soon seventeen, he came to visit and we looked at videos of my performances. Then I told him my problem. "I tried once to push my computer farther, but I was told my eye level was  not on the audience. I looked down at them."

"Let us first push the table farther"
We did.
"May I add more books under the laptop, from your big phonebooks with hard cover?"

Finally, a very low tech solution was found, whenever I want to stand up - online. It does work.

"Wether you sit down or stood up, your eyes were always on us!" I heard in my feedback.

It is a good motive to try to improve your speech, incorporate last feedback! It makes us creative. Pushes us farther. With help, as in my case this time, or alone.

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