22 Jul 2017

How different is a Pathways project from an old one?

  • Body Language : we can find it also at Competent Communication project 5
  • We can find it between the Selective projects on Level 3 of all path
  • Level 2 of my Presentation Mastery path, instead of the "Your Leadership style" : my next task
The project explains more in details about different aspects of body language.
We used to have a special manual about Body Language free when we joined.
This pathways project has a video showing differences, good and bad posture, how our movements affect the audience and what they mean, then a head expression quiz, but in essence ask the same for us. The two things in emphasises at the end (look at the image here) are Purposeful Movements and Unintentional Movements. As in Pathways, there is also a point on the content's interest to the Evaluator or/and Audience.
Before all this points, is one for clarity one for voice variety I could not fit in the image.
At the end of the project we do realise of course that our body language is complex and it matters. 

As usual, it is suggested "go find out more, read more" and I did find a book dedicated to Body language, who had complementary suggestions, going further into Face expressions which become even more important now as "online" we see the face bigger better clearer. 

Real smile, how to detect fake smile, how pupils dilate or begin small, many other signals we could detect just looking on a face, eyes, not just nods or unhappy or bored expressions. 

I feel, that once we start doing research on every subject project in Pathways, we get richer! And reading all that it occurred to me that I could give a funny speech, showing some things I did or see other do, even if it is NOT asked from us to speak about body language. And I have already my spot in my club near me, for beginning of August, so I will be able to deliver it easy before all. 

Perhaps, the second time around, I can deliver a similar speech mostly about head and how to listen, in one of my online toastmasters club: it could be fun!

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