3 Jul 2017

New discoveries

I was very happy to discover informations that where not there, or let us say, I did not know about them before. To celebrate, here is what one could see now on my Flickr. The flowers in my parking lot, smiling at me before entering, after I came home, very tired and leg hurting, from a wonderful Officer Training, TLI in London Euston, organised together by three divisions. The view from my bedroom window in blue hour with beautiful clouds to admire even when I felt, I could not even move any more. I can now.
And an old one, from the time back, when I got 70 years old, and just begin to discover, that indeed, there was life after 70 too. The first digital camera, the first time I looked up so from under a tree, there are so many first times in life! 

Use the electives any time even when finished a level
In level 3, level 4 and level 5 we have a lot of Elective Projects. And it seems more will come.

It is not easy to chose only two for level three and only one for the next two levels. It feels as if we did not taste, learn, go and try the others.
I felt so.

In this picture, it does say: we are welcome back to the level Project electives at any time!

And that is TRUE every time.

From the beginning, I had a big problem closing popup windows: it took me back, whenever I printed or saved a project or an evaluation sheet, to the very beginning of all my lessons.

Yesterday, I discovered what to do.

I have to use the dropdown menu File and Close the Window, the one who popped up when I saved or printed, or use the equivalent shortcut, probably different depending on the computer and browser. It worked! I got back where I was before I asked something to be saved or printed.

This one alas, still does not work as it should. Worked once. By chance?

Even if it is not evident for all : probably with time other solutions will also be found.
Every day, new discoveries.

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