24 Jul 2017

Log Out? How? Where it is?

I understood from the beginning that it is very important to learn how to login to the TMI website. With the email address that the club you belong used to declare you as member.
Attention! If the email address comes from a company and you no more work there, ask your club VPE or President or Secretary to change your email. Essential. 
I have the same email from 10 years now, so that was not a problem, and I changed also my Name/Password to remember them easy, in fact now my computers remember it no more me.

Every time I go to read something on pathways path, at the end I should also log-out. How? In all the 4 month, I did not find it, and just let log out by itself, or closed the browser tab. Not elegant at all!

Where IS the Logout? Where is the logout? Today, I found it!
I found it under "my account" after month in pathways I finally found how to LOG OUT!

It is worth helping someone!

"Where are those roles declared I was asked."

"One has to go, strangely, to that right corner round to find "My account" and there, declare the last roles you did, with the date - last date - before you finish level 3.

There are in "my account" - a bit strange place. But indeed, "my account" can be found from Base Camp entrance or can be found also from a project you are just doing, as me in the image before, on the Effective Coaching path."

Once inside your Account, you find the image, if you added and the Base club name, some settings as the Time Zone, the Signature.

That is normal. You can change them through the Preferences at left.

Then suddenly, you see the roles you have taken in your clubs, and different dates for the last time you had the role.

The club meetings do not change with Pathways, you still have the same roles and meetings with Toastmaster of the Meeting, Speakers and Evaluators, Table Topics and General Evaluator.

When you arrive at end of level 3, you have to have been at least once: Evaluator (level 1 project) but also Toastmaster, Table Topic Master, and now, even once be General Evaluator as I heard. That last was added lately.

I am not sure where AhCounter and Grammarian will be asked for me, but it is best to take all roles, at least once. You can write in this program only the DATE of the last time you had that specific role.

From now on, I will be able to LOG OUT properly. Every time. I know, where to find it!

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