23 Jul 2017

What I am happier about?

 What I am happier about? That I got just now 6700 hits to this blog?

Thank you!
Or that I can print the Level 4 Certificate? the first one! even if it is due partly to my level 3 elective

And it will be of course some time, before I can finish level 5 as my "vision" is far reaching. But if all goes well, I can finish the level 1 (in fact I did Monday) of Presentation Mastery and soon the level 2 also, even if it will take some time to have it recognised. With Printed copy it seems to take a lot longer.

When my level 2 is accepted and given for Presentation Mastery, I will be send the level 3 Printed Manual. Still to figure out, why all does not work yet as it is supposed as it is written in the manual. All takes time. So it will arrive too. But who said I am patient? not me.

Why can I go fast on my paths? Not only I am now in six clubs I can speak, but other clubs, like Buddies online from California, Emperor Online from Manila, Witty Birds from Uzbekistan, invite me to speak or to have roles. I meet there some I know and a few new wonderful Toastmasters, from so many parts of the World!

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