7 Jul 2017

Pat Johnson Talks about Pathways

1 August 2016, Toastmasters Podcast Europe by Darryl Heron. Alas, video 2016 no more available.

Toastmasters International Past President Pat Johnson initiated our new education program and was at the beginning of Pathways, called then Revitalised Education Program, REP after being a brilliant president of our TMI Board. She begun to envisage how our educational system could be brought to our new century and at the same time remaining in the spirit of our founder Ralf Smedley.

How to innovate and keep the fundamental at the same time.

It is a long online interview, with Pat succeeding to come on Blurb - with my help behind the scene - only 20 minutes after it begun. But not a minute is wasted. This is also a tribute to all the Chief Ambassadors of REP - now Pathways - who fought to tell about it, explain it, even as it was in creation.

Pat Johnson reunited more then 200 Learning Masters who brought their divers opinion to what the new education program should be, how it should work. The base of Pathways is explained in this video by the shining Pat. In a month, she will open the Vancouver Convention. 

Anyone who wants to understood the "why and how" of the new education structure would profit from listening to all what Pat Johnson said to us in this interview the 1st August 2016. After listening, I did go through three times already, you will be understanding it better, as I did. Then, we can discuss what she said.

Also in the podcast, Lorraine as MC, Svetlana who prepared most of the questions, and me behind, all of us members of Firebirds Collective. Darryl was our VP PR at the time till he did not yet move from Germany back to America. Witty Storytellers were in construction, not yet chartered: Svetlana will become our President, me VPE and Lorraine our mentor. 

Svetlana, with a great past and interviewer and Darryl a big experience of podcast in Europe. Many other Toastmasters participated, some on screen, others helping or asking questions from the shadows. An homage now to all of them. And thanks again to Pat Johnson, who come and gave so much of herself and of her time to us and humanise the Pathways creation through this interview. 

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