13 Jul 2017

Standing up!

At level 1 of every path, there are three main tasks.

1. The Icebreaker (as it was CC 1 and 2 and 3) and more well learned and prepared even.
    it is also asked, after delivering it, go minute by minute back and think of how it went

2. Feedback and Evaluation, give us not one but three different tasks.
    a) Deliver a speech (any style) and listen very careful at its feedback - learn to take it gracefully
    b) Create a second speech next time and incorporate the specific advice of the feedback - can be the same speech or a different one, but most important to learn how to use the feedback received
    c) Give an evaluation that can help the speaker for the next speech - some other time

3. Create a speech after having made a Research on the subject chosen by you

I was given the advice at my first speech (a) from my third path last Sunday, that it would have been better standing up: to have more room to move and use body language.

Big problem! How to go far enough and be heard and seen?

I did try to buy something not expensive, as I did not want to buy an external camera.

Then, my grand-son come to my rescue.
"Let us put the table farther from the wall!" Done.

"But my eyes are not in the good high..."
He found the answer to that too.
"My I take some more of your photo books and put them under the laptop?"

Of course! So, we did find a "low tech answer"!
By now, I have already offered three evaluations standing up online. My next speech will be delivered also mostly standing up. I did take the feedback very seriously.

What seemed to me for weeks "impossible" become possible. And very useful skill to learn!

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