19 Jul 2017

Zoom 001 short rehearsal: Recording

Preparing for the Zoom Panel with Misako

An hour of discussion, she did teach me a lot! In this short recording, 2 minutes and 30 seconds, I explain her and demonstrate also, what Zoom records: what you see on your screen. Others, may see differently, that still confuses me a bit, but zoom takes the video from your own screen.

Spotlight, is what you can do, at least as host and cohost, and that means you click on the name of a person, you see three dots, and from there a menu where you can decide that person will be in the Spotlight, on the big screen, as long as you do not change the feature. When she speaks or not. 

Normally, only those speaking, are on spotlight while they speak. Unless you spotlight - for example, a listener, whose face you want to show because she reacts so well to what is told. "As in TV" said Misako. Indeed. 

It is good to experiment sometimes, outside a meeting, and learn. See what works and what does not work. In short time, Misako did explain me so much! I also learned that she is now the Buddies - online Toastmasters club - President, beside our, Witty Storytellers Online Sergeant of Arms. 

Online, we can help each other and visit each others meeting. She just invited me to GE next Sunday at Buddies meeting, where they will have three Icebreakers! 

After this morning, I am looking forward with more enthusiasm and courage to Moderate tomorrow morning's ZOOM Panel. Some of Misako's great enthusiasm got through the screen to me. 

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