2 Jul 2017

Now level 5 : for long time

Finished the very interesting Levels 3 and 4 with lots of great electives to chose from.

Got this Level 4 completion Certificate as the VPE of the club approved it very fast. One point for the club DCP.

I am not the only one, Mathew also finished level 4, both of us, let us recognise, waited for a few days till July arrived, so the club can use it this TM year.

I went to a Toastmasters Leadership Institute with many Workshops, for the "Officer training".
This year, I am Secretary in two different clubs, beside VPE in my Online Club.

Back, home, I found my level approved and could not help myself look a bit into it. Now, my head is full of new material, that will take a lot more to think about.  A year ago 2016 we created Witty Storytellers, online toastmasters club. I had a vision, and we did implement it! And now?

Just so to get a bit of pause, here are pictures from end June.

Last Sunday, I went to Brick lane with Janice and photographed wall art and people on the street.

Why should I remain in a box? I am a blogger, a photographer, a toastmaster, and many more - and now beginning also two more paths. About that, tomorrow.

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