20 Jul 2017

Moderate a Panel : done!

The Theme today at special meeting of Witty storytellers online was Zoom Panel
Moderator, Julie Kertesz
Panel: Svetlana, Brian, Misako - three club Presidents using Zoom Pro for a while now

Here is Svetlana in Speaker view on Zoom, speaking from Uzbekistan. This morning, her connection was not so good as usual.

But what a story!

How she found her way to Online clubs, then discovered the "high maintenance" GoToMeeting. Visiting Brian's Royal Roads Victoria, Canada remote, she discovers suddenly Zoom, and falls in love! First, she uses the free zoom teaching one to one then creates her Witty Birds clubs and now she has gone Pro!

Brian went all the way back to his first encounter with Zoom, shown to him in Netizens online by George Marshal and Susan. At the time, they decided with Manhal finally on GTM. But later, he needed a free platform for his Canadian Toastmasters club who decided to welcome also remote users. Zoom for 40 minutes! Now, they got a Pro account. Brian as me, had difficulty hearing through Skype the GC from Virginia, USA meeting, only admitting remote through sound. From July he is president, and proposed the use of Zoom. Those remote can see each other, and the club comes to Zoom by sound only. Suddenly both the on-site and those on-line can hear each other!

Misako, offered us today her Buddies Toastmasters Online club's Zoom, she is now president there. She told us her first Close Encounter with zoom during the inter-online-clubs speech contest she won. From then on, she zooms, zooms, zooms. Lately, with more then 40 guests when they had a special workshop! And learned how to put in front those "reacting best". As our Sergeant of Arms she worked today also behind the scenes, helping me to Moderate on Zoom.

The panelists closed each with a short but very impactful phrase. I loved all but what sticks in my mind is Misako: finally a program for us, not us for the program. Brian spoke about "we live the future". Svetlana who begun the the panel discussion closed it.

After three personal stories, each interesting and different, all of the audience participated with a question or a suggestion. One hour passed fast! After the Zoom Panel, a few of us stayed to have fun and tell each other stories about online, about pathways and different toastmasters reactions.

I finished reminding "indeed, pathways projects are important outside toastmasters!" And added, "I did doubt it at first, do not doubt it any more". Moderate a Panel is my choice of Elective in the level 5 of Visionary Communication. But I looked, it is also available as choice in other paths.

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