25 Jul 2017

Incorporating feedback in the next speech: eye level

For the last two years, I participated to online club meetings, sitting down. The problems of "eye level" was resolved with three big photo books on which I put my laptop.

Remained a good light, not yet 100% resolved. Then I realised, who I dress, the colour of my shirt has also an impact.

Finally, I concluded, with my wait hair, black is best then light colours.

Then I begun my Pathways journey, with Feedbacks I had really to incorporate in my next storytelling. Brian told me "try to stay up"! And I tried, did. Here is one of my first one, speaking standing up.

Indeed, one can see a lot more of my gestures, my posture (aie!) and my hand and arm movements.

Next feedback I got "you are not looking us into the eye". How to put my laptop so it is eye level when I am standing. And fast enough, then put it down again as I sit near it?

My grand-son come with the idea "Mamie, put it into books, and let us slide the table farther from the wall, ok?"

The books where ok, heavy books and the level great also. I feared a little for the table, not so solid the one I use, to bend if I put the books at the end.

Come then Patricia, bringing me three light nice baskets, on which I can put my computer now.

Here is the basket solution: it does work! Wonderful!

I just have now to find a meeting and my next speech, where I have to show body language, for level 2 of Presentation Mastery path, I am ready!

I will tell my story of how my body language evolved during the last years because of Toastmasters, a funny story, first on-line then in my club near me "on the land".

Those baskets two for the moment and three slim books, are ready for it. Did not need my third basket. Unless, some tell me after I tell my story something else I have to change.

Do I really think of my body or voice when I tell a story? Not really. I try to be in the moment, feel what I felt then, but also let play free with the text and with the audience as it comes.

That is why I always need an audience "listener" even online. A story needs to whom to tell not only the story and the teller.

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