26 Jul 2017

Tutorial "Completing a Project"!

Are those tutorials new or where they there and I just did not look? Just discovered some of them.

When in Base Camp, the first big box is Navigator, and in it there are many different tutorials, videos.
In fact, you have to click on one of the titles to see what is under it.

That is how I found this video "Completing a Project"


It does explain you that in order to complete any project, you have to click in all the Assess your skills before, save it then when the project is completed and the speech given, Assess your skills AFTER, click on all the questions one by one answer and save the results. You will then be given on before and after comparison, and the next screen will tell you:
"Congratulation! You have completed this project"

But it is not finished. It is asked you to answer also to Evaluate this project, how you liked it. And that question is open to you only for the next ten days. So why not finish it the same day? That is up to you to answer or not, but why do not do it?

We do advance, Project by project. In most cases, three projects by level, also I feel 5 task in level1

When a Level is finished, you mark it completed, you have then have to wait till your level is approved by VP (or another of the Base Camp Managers) after which, you can print your Level Certificate. The VP has not only to approve your level in the Base Camp, but also report it completed in the Club Central at the TMI website, as for the moment they are not connected. Only name and level is necessary (and I suppose the Path), then is only when your name will appear, with some delay, in the Dashboard's Education Awards as finished level with its Pathname beside it.

From now on, if someone is on pathways and does not know how to signal "completed a project" I will be able to direct him to this very good video. 

So many more treasures to discover, day after day! 

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