11 Jul 2017

Personal Storytelling and Humour so important!

Witty Storytellers Online was just one week old, and Svetlana just added Witty to it.

This is 5 minute discussion from a 40 minute interview of Victoria Ferrer Region 11 adviser
the 29 June 2016 through Blurb, of European Toastmasters Podcast of Darryl
a week before Pat Johnson interview.

29 June this delivered, the 10th July Witty Storytellers become Pre-charter officially.
Its committee was formed and collaborated tight and well.
End of July, the agenda was full with Icebreakers : 12 personal stories plus 3 through Table Topics delivered, through them we got to know so well each other and so fast.

Online meetings, team collaboration, storytelling, creating a meeting, interacting through social media, realising a vision, so many skills can be learned or ameliorated through Pathways.

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