18 Jul 2017

Zoom Panel and Moderating, soon

Zoom, is an on-line platform, the theme of a Panel I will moderate soon.
In the panel, a few experts who used zoom "pro" and are used to it.
Moderating the Panel, me - for the first (not the last) time.

One of my first question could be "how we see the timekeeper?" Of course, was once I went into a Zoom meeting and begun to speak, tell my story, and nowhere would I see the time. It was on the second page! I did not know how to see her (or him) showing the time, and me too.

Last Sunday, this is how we were showed the time, it was clear and it was there always. Still do not know, how she did it!

No more asking "will we go to a meeting or zoom through it"? Have to learn how to zoom.

Moderating a panel is also a Pathways level 5 elective task (chosen between different possibilities) and a very real skill to learn, indeed very useful outside the Toastmasters too. I will learn it! Even if at first it seemed easy, have been there, done Toastmaster of meeting, I told myself. More I read about it, more responsibility drops on my shoulders.
So lots of things to do. Plus, chose the panelist each with a bit different expertise, prepare the panelists and discuss with them before the meeting, give each time and also time to shine, but not time to over speak, and translate audience questions too.

Each panelist knows something different.

Here they seem to speak to each other, and not to the audience. Good a short discussion, but the Moderator is there to see how much each does it, and also of course so it is done in good entente.

It is a funny image but not right perhaps for a panel discussion. Where is the Moderator? Where is the audience?

The Pathways project about Panel Moderator is 26 pages and with video, questions, quiz, and so on in it too. By the time, I have read it a few times, and read also a great book about Panel Moderation (the Eloquent Women's Guide to Moderating Panels, by Denise Graveline) - yes! not only for women! I am sure, this is only the first panel I will be moderating.

So this panel will be about Zoom and how to get into it, different things can be done with it.
And yes, it is also very appropriate for our club, Witty Storytellers Online. We do learn together to tell personal stories! Here is only one slide from the long manual about managing panels, from the level 5 of my path, the Visionary Communications. But I looked, the project is elective also on other path.

Yes! Toastmasters new pathways program offers us many useful skills to learn, important indeed "outside" not only inside toastmasters meetings. That is mainly why the new program was created. And indeed, it works for me. Even at age 83 - now indeed I am past my birthday - one can learn new skills. Never too late! Pathways and it's tasks make me feel more alive.

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