9 Jul 2017

Configuration Setting Check

When I begun writing, I thought "all toastmasters that could be interested in the new program". That covers a lot but it is not specific enough.

I now realise, that I will have to write from time to time, or regularly, to those who are beginning Pathways on the web and have some difficulties with some aspects of accessing it. Another time, for those who hear the first time about a Path or it's levels. Or to those who just want to understand, what will happen and why.

Should I have days, special days, or signal in each post to whom I write it?

Now, Pathways has a "Check Compatibility" of your computer and your browser. Mine is Safari. This one is from a pal whom I helped as he could not advance. 

We found out, he did forbid "Pop-up". 
"I do not like pop-ups!" he told me. 
"Till you do not allow them, do not stop the pop-up blockers, Pathways will not work for you."

In fact, all windows in which the lessons are, come up as pop-up. 

Then I continued, and it is true. "I let pop-ups free, and in three month it did not bother me" Go for it!
He did not want to allow Java and Adobe Flash on his computer, also necessary but can go without as we had seen. I did allow them on my browser, and update them regularly. 

It is great that Pathways from Toastmaster added a Compatibility check, not only they check but they also explain, for your special browser what to do and how. 
Here it is how it was explained in his case. Windows and another browser then mine. 

And yes! We could speak through Zoom and he could show me his screen inside it. Now, I know, that I can help and explain how to start or how to deb-lock for all those beginning and stuck for some reasons. After the compatibility was resolved, we went together to discuss, what to do to get a project approved.

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